H2S Training

Will Your Employees Have
Proper H2S Training 

When the New ANSI Standard is Released?

ANSI Z390.1 Enhanced Requirements
to be Released in Quarter 4 of 2016


Many owner clients (operators) are already requiring PEC H2S Clear to deliver vital H2S knowledge to their contractors. Stay ahead of the requirements and don’t delay having a conversation with PEC about protecting your employees against the dangers and hazards of H2S.


The risks of H2S are higher than the cost of saving the lives of your employees. Remember, their lives can change in just a single breath. Be the next company to take a stand against H2S and provide your employees with proper H2S training.

We are a PEC authorized training center, with PEC authorized instructors. Not only are we able to offer PEC Basic orientation, we are now able to offer PEC H2S Clear.